A Brand Reinvented

Love Conquers All

About 5 years ago we decided to re-invent ourselves. Everybody should from time to time. We re-envisioned our brand.

We wanted to do something that no other jewelers has ever seemed to really get right, to get people, to understand that jewelry is only a catalyst for them in the most genuine way possible to express their love and affections to the people they care about.

We wanted to exuded vibrance and style but also a sense of well established old world values. We dreamt of having look and feel, that allowed us to make the transparently empirical statements that would position the brand to speak with authority when proclaiming that “Love Conquers All”, and thus helping to characterize us as the unofficial Ambassadors of the expression of love.

And after all that, we’re blessed coming to the conclusion, that it is

really our customers, who have year after year have proved to be

the real Ambassadors of love.